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ABOUT US is a business established in 2017 with aim to introduce this miracle nature's health food to Malaysian.

Since then, the company continues to grow and expand the healthy and quality food imported from land of Bulgaria.

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates

We were introduced to this nature's healer 100% organic cold pressed Aronia Berry Juice by our producer in year 2015. After reading about the positive effects of Aronia juice, we were very excited to try this amazing product as we weren't able to find it in Malaysia. 


After taking it for a month we experienced many health benefits of this juice; increased energy level, solved digestive issues, lowered cholesterol and improved weight control.


We were so impressed by miracle health benefits properties of Aronia, so we decided to introduce to our Malaysian to enjoy the same benefits and health. We thrive to help in improving the health of the Malaysia people. We guarantee that you will experience the health benefits of Aronia Juice from the very first bottle.

We aim to offer our customers a positive impression to those who want to make a change to their health by trying Aronia Juice. We believe our food is our "natural pharmacy"


About us

Meet The Team

Mr.Plamen black  .png

Plamen Kalinov

Our producer who has been running  very own Aronia plantation for 18 years in Bulgaria

Plamen black.jpg

Plamen Shaykov

Our Manager who is representing Aronia products from Bulgaria in Malaysia


Reva Syren

Our Marketing executive  managing the sales in Malaysia

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