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Kuala Lumpur


My husband is a heart patient. In 2013 he had a heart attack and since then each year he has had to have a stent inserted. 

In March 2017, the doctor found at least two blocks in the same artery and said he would only insert one and wait for a couple of months before inserting the other.

I told my Bulgarian friend this and he told me about aronia berry juice and how it could help. He gave two bottles and told my husband to drink 50ml each day. My husband did that and at his following check-up, the doctor said the block was not that bad and he didn’t need another stent. My husband says he feels better and stronger. 

Maybe the aronia juice helped, maybe it was a combination of the juice and medications. But I just want to make sure my husband gets his daily supply of aronia juice. 


Kuala Lumpur

SK Cheong

Getting hooked on aronia juice is the best addiction I could ask for. For the first time, I tasted the flavour of   anti-oxidant. Take a dose before bed time and you'll wake up like you had a massage to your arteries. I recommend aronia juice to anyone!




After consuming Aronia Juice I noticed my body is getting healthy and healthier. I'm having a high blood for a past 3 year and my reading persistently 150 and above. And there was a time where it's strike up to 180. But after consuming this Aronia Juice my blood pressure was decreased and maintaining to 130 and below. I feel so thankful for my friend who introduced me to this magical juice.


I am a entrepreneur and my everyday routine was very hectic and I fastly get tired, stressful and I depressed. But honestly after 5months consuming, I feel totally changed. I feel emotionally eased, calm and energetic. I'm so blessed and thankful. It's a magical juice.

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I am diabetic patient with sugar level was at 14-15 and constantly losing weight. I always looked haggard. 
After 2 months of consuming Aronia Juice, I am maintain my sugar level at 7 now and my health is back to normal. I am now healthier and energetic person.

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Kuala Lumpur


After drinking Aronia juice, my Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during pregnancy is under control. Thanks to Aronia Malaysia.




I work in front of a computer and smart phones all day, and my eyes get tired, dry, and itchy. I know that I'm exposed to radiation and toxins from these modern gadgets, but because of my work am dependent on this technology as most people. I used to get up exhausted and tired every morning even after had a full night's sleep.

Everything changed after I started taking Aronia juice.


Honestly, first 2 weeks, I didn't see / feel much changes. I then increased the intake to 2 times daily. Immediately, my whole body feel much energized, my mind become clear and sharp. I don’t wake up tired anymore. In fact I have more energy to run 3km every day. I'm enjoying this new feeling and how I could do a lot more than I used to do. Besides that, my digestion system and blood circulation and flow increased tremendously. I'm thankful that I have discovered Aronia juice!

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Kuala Lumpur


 After consuming Aronia Juice, water retention reduced, no more puffiness and swelling on my feet reduced.
Feeling much better, lighter and confident



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