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People of all ages today are constantly being exposed to harsh light from our mobile phones, computers, television screens and advertising billboards. Our eyes only get to rest when we have the rare chance of looking at lush greenery or when we close our eyes for a hard-earned catnap or good night’s sleep.


Aronia berries, among all other healthy benefits, provide good protection for our eyes.


The super berries contain a large amount of carotene, which protects cells from damage and the eyes from cataract formation. They are also rich in flavonoid anti-oxidants such as luteins and zeaxanthins.


Zeaxanthin has photo-filtering effects on UV rays and thus protects eyes from age related macular disease in the elderly (ARMD) and eye inflammation (uveitis). Researchers in Japan have been measuring the effects of aronia crude extract (ACE) on eye inflammation.


The study was published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science several years ago.

While the elderly and people in specific occupations, such as pilots and professional divers, may have a more urgent need to protect and improve their eyes, good eye health is still essential for all. A cup of Aronia berry juice every morning will provide you the nutrition for eye health and improve your overall health.

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