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Aronia berries are also known to improve the circulation of blood, make blood vessels stronger and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Free radicals are the true cause of various diseases in the body and aronia berries can prevent formation of these radicals thus preventing diseases such as diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.


Mature aronia fruits contain a large amount of phenols, which disinfect the bloodstream and the body, promotes healing of wounds, removing toxic substances from the body, reduce inflammation, improves elasticity of blood vessels and prevent their clogging.


Many studies have been done on Aronia, particularly in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. A 2002 animal-modeled study (Kowalczyk et al), conducted in the Department of harmacology of the Military Medical Academy, Lodz, Poland, tested anthocyanins from the aronia berry. The study concluded that aronia berry anthocyanins are useful in fighting “oxidative stress” in cardiovascular patients. 


A 2015 study found that aronia could protect against coronary artery disease. Aronia was thought to protect against the plaque that develops inside the arteries. Full study can be found here.


Both the aronia and bilberry extracts helped to relax the tissue, which would allow for improved blood flow. This is important, as many cardiovascular diseases result in a hardening of the arteries and reduced ability for the blood vessels to relax. This can also mean that the blood pressure drops. 

Out of the three extracts tested, aronia had the most powerful effects. The researchers concluded that the extracts could have significant benefits in treating vascular disease.


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