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100% natural, 0% preservatives


A Natural product produced by Bulgarian ORGANIC Аronia (chokeberry). 

Aronia Vinegar a naturally occurring living mixture of good bacteria and enzymes. 


Freshly squeezed Аronia (chokeberry) juice from an acetic acid Fermentation becoming a biological vinegar, preserved natural vitamins and minerals of the fruit. 

Thermally untreated, to provide a healthy product. 


Our Organic Аronia Vinegar has a very rich taste and aroma.


This Vinegar from Aronia (Chokeberry) is produced by double natural fermentation of 100% cold pressed juice from originally grown Aronia berries.


It has a natural concentration of essential bioflavonoids (anthocyanins, flavones, catechins) along with other natural vitamincs (c, B1, B2 etc) and biologically active subtances.


They are the reason of the strong antoixidant and stregthening effects. The uniquely high extract and low acidity help optimize their absorption by the body. It has laxative effect due to natural sweetner of the Aronia fruits - sorbitol.


Serving Suggestion : Great for flavouring of salads and dishes - Great as a drink, diluted with water.


Organic Aronia Vinegar (500 ml)

SKU: 9555750600525
  • Used for flavoring salads and dishes or as detox drink.
    1 teaspoon diluted with water and sweetened with honey or fruit juice.

  • From ancient times vinegar has been known as a source of health and longevity. 

    In history, there is numerous evidence about the use of vinegar as a remedy and spice. 


    From 5000 BC, the Babylonians had been using vinegar as a preservative and seasoning, and by about 400 BC Hippocrates had detailed the medicinal qualities of vinegar. In fact, the Vinegar Institute suggests that this liquid is one of our oldest remedies. 


    It has been used for a long time as a popular remedy, largely because it is said that its properties can heal from fungus to diabetes. 


    The future of the vinegar is in the newest and with the highest quality Organic kinds of vinegar, which combine the classic benefits of the vinegar with the purest and high-quality raw materials.


    Serving Suggestion : Great for flavouring of salads and dishes - Great as a drink, diluted with water.

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